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Details of Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser

Certified Safety Professional

Deerfield, United States
Industry Category: Related Professions
Relocation Preferences: San Francisco area or Denver area
Personal Website Link:: http://www.linkedin.com/in/RichardDresser1
To obtain a safety related job that will utilize my extensive knowledge, skill, and attitude.

Richard Dresser'S Overview



Certified Safety Professional

Board of CertifiedSafety Professionals, 1984, Certificate #7425

Certified Environmental,Safety & Health Trainer

NationalEnvironmental, Safety & Health Training Association, 1995, Certificate#95-335



Extensive experience as a safety professional in construction safetyand insurance consultation.

Areas of expertiseinclude:

 Construction Safety

Safety Program Administration

Fleet Safety

Safety Staffing

OSHA Compliance Training Classes

Claims Management

Loss Trend Statistical Analysis (actual and potential)

Accident investigation and inspection


Program planning and development skills include: defining corporategoals and objectives, conducting needs analysis to identify opportunities ofimprovement, developing and organizing training materials, and coordinating allactivities designed to improve workplace safety.



OSHA Training Institute,  Arlington Heights, IL  9/10 to 4/11

Division of Training and Educational Development ConstructionSafety Course Developer.

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Apply expert-levelsafety and occupational health management knowledge, concepts, and skills tothe design and development of training courses for the OSHA training Institute.



Jay Dee Contractors (Aerotek), Hodgkins, IL      3/10 to 9/10

McCook Emergency Repair Project.  Jay Dee is under contract with the US Army Corps ofEngineers to perform investigation and repair activities within the McCookDistribution Tunnel System located at the Chicago Metropolitan WaterReclamation Districts Mainstream Pumping Station.

Site Safety & HealthOfficer

-       Instruct supervisors in safety responsibilities.

-       Implement a program of employee safety education.

-       Perform ongoing inspections to evaluate and correct for compliance

-       Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled inspections to identify andcorrect unsafe working conditions.



NASA (SQA Services, Inc.), John C. StennisSpace Center, MS                      10/07- 1/10

A contractor workingfor NASA providing Supplier Quality Auditing (Safety) services to NASA ContractAssurance Services (NCAS).

NCAS Certified Safety Professional

Monitor contractors building the newA-3 Test Stand to support testing of the J2-X engine for the Ares rockets,along with the future work for the Ares V and lunar lander.   Ares V is a heavy lift rocket forlunar missions.

            -  Analyze potential and actual losssources, develop countermeasures, suggest corrective actions

     -  Perform periodic comprehensive fieldreviews of projects to identify safety, health, liability, property exposuresand risks.  




Kenny is anational contractor and construction manager with extensive experience buildinglarge and complex projects such as Subways, Tunnels, Airports, Stadiums, Buildings,Hotels, Power Plants, Mass Transit, Bridges, Highways and all manner ofInfrastructure projects.


Project Safety Manager

$57Million Valve Isolation Chamber at the Calumet TARP(deep tunnel) Pumping Station. Excavation of overburden, drill and blast five 340-foot deep shafts anda valve chamber tunnel.  Replaceand refurbish four pumps and valves, including various mechanical andelectrical installations and constructing a service building on the groundsurface.

-       Instruct supervisors in safety responsibilities.

-       Implement a program of employee safety education.

-       Perform ongoing inspections to evaluate and correct for compliance

-       Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled inspections to identify andcorrect unsafe working conditions.



PICKUSCOMPANIES, Waukegan, IL        9/04 6/05

The Pickus Companies is a construction and developmentservices organization, with 4 operating divisions: Design/Build; CommercialBuilding; Special Projects; and Self Perform. Pickus has been able toconsistently deliver superior performance on all projects ranging from Fortune500 companies to government agencies to private investors.

Risk Management Director

                        Analyzepotential and actual loss sources, develop countermeasures, suggest correctiveactions

Performperiodic comprehensive field reviews of projects to identify safety, health,liability, property exposures and risks.                 Recommendcorrective measures.



KIEWITCONSTRUCTION, Washington Dulles International Airport, VA                                             4/04 7/04

One of thelargest construction and mining organizations in North America, constructingthe $25 million West Utility Building Tunnel, 325 LF of cut & cover, 1,035LF of NATAM tunneling, a ventilation structure, 2 transition structures, andconnections to existing heat and pipe units for the Metropolitan WashingtonAirport Authority.


                   Conductsafety training for new employees

                   Conductspecialized safety training

                   Performongoing inspections to evaluate and correct for compliance

                   Collaboratewith owners and Project Manager's Safety Staff



CH2M HILL, Oakland, CA       1/02-10/03

An international engineering and construction managementfirm, providing Health & Safety advice to the California Department ofTransportation (Caltrans) for their activities overseeing seismic retrofittingof San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge West Span Towers and Superstructure.


                        Health& Safety Advisor

                                    Performperiodic comprehensive field reviews of the project to identify health, safetyand exposure risks for Caltrans employees.

                                    Providerecommendations to the Senior Bridge Engineer for correctivemeasures.

                                    Providesafety training to the Caltrans project staff.

                                    Provideregulatory and policy review and interpretation and technical advice to theSenior Bridge Engineer.



IHC GROUP, INC., South Elgin, IL 8/99-7/01

IHC General Contractors - Constructs/Renovates Bridges,Public Building; IHC Underground Contractors - Directional boring, Trenching,Conduit/Manholes, Utility installations; IHC Construction Managers -Construction Management; IHC Builders -Build to-Suite and Design Build; IHCMetal Fabricators, Miscellaneous and Special Metal Fabrication.

Safety Director

Develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures.

Conduct periodic inspections of all IHC projects; suggest methods ofcorrective measures for compliance.

Develop and implement training of new hires and existing workforce.



BROAD, VOGT & CONANT, Skokie, IL 2/99-7/99

Perform structural steel erection for SearlePharmaceutical's 4-story Life Sciences building.  BV&C was one of the top 5 steel erectors in the UnitedStates.

On-Site Safety Manager (Temporary Assignment)

Conduct safety training for new employees.

Conduct daily toolbox safety meetings, as well as specialized safetytraining.

Perform on-going inspections to evaluate and correct for compliance.

Collaborate with both owner's and general contractor's SafetyManagers.




Perform maintenance and modification services for AmocoChemical during plant turnaround.

       Safety Officer (temporaryassignment)

Daily inspections to evaluate and correct all locations forcompliance.

Enforce safety rules and regulations



ENVIROCON, INC., West Chicago, IL 3/97-10/98

A hazardous waste remediation construction companyperforming environmental clean-up of radioactive waste and site restoration forKerr McGee at various EPA Superfund (CERCLA) sites throughout West Chicago.

Health & Safety Officer

Administer the Safety Program.

Conduct training classes.

Daily inspection to evaluate and correct all sites for compliance.

Enforce safety rules and regulations.




Commonwealth Edison's LaSalle Nuclear Station.  APM provided craft workers for GeneralElectric Power Systems.  GEoverhauled the turbine-generator in unit 2 during the fall outage.

Safety Supervisor (Temporary Assignment)

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