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Details of Tibor Egervary

Tibor Egervary

VP Marketing & Sales

Painted Post, United States
Industry Category: Building Products - Equipment
Relocation Preferences: United States
Personal Website Link:: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tiboregervary

Tibor Egervary'S Overview


Integratesprogressive B2B / B2C expertise in recognizing market status, analyzing salientdata, and creating collaborative business plans that support and contribute toan organizational vision; driving short-term processes that produce long-termgrowth; and applying strategic leadership in industry-leading, people-focusedorganizations with a high level of integrity.

    Talentedmarketing executive and leader - generates creative approaches - exposes differentiated,strategically significant performance - leads to market premium
Establishesbrand value - drives revenue and organizational performance, especially withnew products and compensation design
Concurrentbusiness experience and advanced degrees MBA, DBA (Doctorate of BusinessAdministration) Marketing (a.b.d.). Traditional and online teaching experience

  Concentratedchannel activity during market/housing crash to limit revenue reduction by 75%

 Increasedadd-on sales by 75% with a peak of 18% of total selling price

  Led crisis manufacturingplan to full production within 60 days vs. 180; stable rationing allowed gainedcustomer loyalty; back-up plan produced major new customer (+10% revenue)

  Implemented marketsegmentation strategy contributing to 67% unit and revenue growth

 Increased high volume leadsto sales turnover ratio by 20% within 12-month program

 Developed alternate saleschannel strategies for $100 million+ division


Incisive market analysis
Business development manager
Persuasive customer champion
Extremely strong communicator
Full P&L responsibility
Enterprise leader
Product researcher and planner
Marketing/matrix expertise
Accomplished brand manager
Product line management expert
Proven sales force trainer
Change management driver
Effective, organized business manager
Experienced executive committee leader
Personnel development manager
Strategic marketing visionary

Related keyword: Product Development / Market Leader / Sales Management STRATEGY / CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT / MAR/COM / ADVERTISING

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