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Details of KimGraham


EHS MANAGER 256-566-8018

Decatur, United States
Industry Category: Energy Producers- Developers
Relocation Preferences: alabama Southeast
I have worked in the Environmental Health and Safety Management Industry over the previous 18 yrs. kim pitts x 3 at yahoo. I have been fortunate to have, had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S. in pursuance of my career goals. I have in long term established a reputable work ethic I can be proud of in search of gainful continuous permanent employment.
As reflected in my employment history, I have worked for a few companies and have traveled as needed to numerous locations in the U.S. I am seeking employment with a company looking for an employee that is eager to be determined as an asset to the industry, continually educating, working managerial and field knowledge, growing long term, and willing to do as needed for the goals of the company and clients needs.
Over the years I have strived to maintain the educational needs of a growing industry. I have pursued continuous educational requirements with an average GPA of 3.4 while working the hourly constraints of 60-100 hours per week on most employment opportunities. I have a long history of working with only a few companies over the past 18 yrs in an EHS directors, and or EHS Managers position requiring travel to multiple locations to meet the needs of the companies requirements. I Have managed Safety professionals from as few as 2-3 to a team of nearly 60 and I have adapted and enforced safety cultures such as stop, safe cap, lean safety, NASCAR, behavioral based and many more for some of the most predominately know companies in the US, such as Dupont, Nucor, DOW, Gerdau Ameristeel, Duke Energy, Kentucy Power, Southern Energy, Mercedes Benz, Daimler Chrysler, and many more.

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