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Horsens, United States
Industry Category: Building Products - Equipment
Personal Website Link:: http://
Video URL Link: http://
Im a Tradetrainee, in the company STARK which is owned by the concern DT-Group.
My job is to learn about building tools, sales, and trade in general.

Fubull'S Overview



Jonas Furbo Christiansen.

Alternative Energy enthusiastic.

Graduated in businessschool, took 3 years, after that I have been working as a firemand, until i finally ended up in Stark.

I am born 1988, 23 years old, and in the further I look forward to work with alternative energy ressources, whether its trade disbrution, or actually developing. Aslong as I get to work with alternative energy, especially solar power (solarcells), which I have great interest in.

My goal is that one day, I may be a dominant trade disbrutor of Powerhouses and making a greener world.

My current job, does not have much to do about alternative energy. Altough in further jobs inside Stark, I can begin to work with energy saving materials, windows, etc.

My job at Stark is a small link for me, to get more insight into the world of arcitec, construction, good things and bads things in every aspect.

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