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Details of James K. Hesch

James K. Hesch

Owner / President

Santa Fe, United States
Industry Category: Construction Technology - Software
Relocation Preferences: Albuquerque, Los Alamos
Personal Website Link:: http://www.ziatek.com
Video URL Link: http://
My career heretofore has prepared me for a variety of positions, providing experience in software development, project management, instrumentation design, and construction cost estimating. A mathematician at heart, analytical and yet gregarious, I seek a position that uses any or all of the aforementioned experience in any of a variety of professions.

James K. Hesch'S Overview

This candidate believes in simple solutions to sophisticated problems, and finds them quickly.  He is analytical and mathematical, yet friendly and enjoys being with others.  Using his above-average intelligence, he has designed and invented a variety of measuring instruments, using a wide range of technology, and holds a patent for one of his inventions.  Other accomplishments include:

*  Designed nuclear instrumentation
*  Managed a variety of projects
*  Licensed building contractor for 27 years
*  (Former) member of American Society of Professional Estimators
*  Acquired "Certified Professional Estimator" (CPE) status in 1990
*  Served on ANSI committees
*  Represented the US as a delegate to International Electro-technical Commission (IEC)
*  Developed commercially successful software for performing quantity surveys for construction cost estimating
*  Enjoys statistics -- has published articles on such topics

He is tenacious, honest, compassionate, analytical and friendly.  ...all of that, and fun to be around with his sense of humor.
Related keyword: Engineering, Design, Estimating, Project Management

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