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Details of Michael W. Miller CEM, CEP, CRM

Michael W. Miller CEM, CEP, CRM


Thornton, United States
Industry Category: Energy Producers- Developers
Relocation Preferences: US
Personal Website Link:: http://
Video URL Link: http://
Produce value for customers in the following areas of expertise: Global energy strategies *Gas/fuel/electricity purchasing *Utility rate design *Business development/sales *Consulting *Stand-up training *Price forecasting *Billing *Due Diligence *VC reviews *Executive leadership *Advanced Metering *Power line engineering *Environmental credits/trading *NYMEX trading *Business coaching *Sustainable design *Performance contracting *P&L statements *On-site generation *Project management *Expert communication/presentations *Instructional development

Michael W. Miller CEM, CEP, CRM'S Overview


Michael W. Miller CEM, CEP, CRM has been an impact player and recognized expert strategist in the Energy, Supply Chain, Sales, and Operation fields for more than 25 years.  Voted a Legend in Energy by the National Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Michael has worked with more than 30 Fortune 500 Companies, numerous small and large businesses, and more than 100 utilities world-wide.  His customers realize that the easiest way to produce profit and make Companies more successful is to reduce controllable expenses.  Over the last 10 years, Michael has proven results of slashing more that $100 MM off operating costs.  In addition to bottom-line savings, these uncommon results usually include improvements in operational excellence and sustainable savings that produce competitive advantages.   Currently, Michael is VP, COO of Engage Communication Group.  Prior to this, Michael has held roles as Global Manager responsible for a $250 MM operating budget at 41 worldwide industrial facilities, Founder CEO of a successful consulting firm BLUEnergy, LLC, VP of the countrys largest residential REIT (Responsible for a $250 Million budget), and Energy Director for the one of the worlds largest suppliers of metal and plastic packaging ($100+ Million budget).


Michaels unique combination of professional accomplishments include a BS in Nuclear Science and Engineering (Virginia Tech), MBA (Summa Cum Laude), Six Sigma Black Belt, and five years of Advanced Business Training through The Aji Network (The Aji Network helps Business Professionals accumulate uncommon knowledge and superior capacity to think and act effectively with offers and practices to produce competitive advantage, superior value, and top 1% results).  His professional certifications from the AEE include Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP), Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), and Business Energy Professional (BEP).  He is lauded by his peers as an accomplished Speaker, Instructor, Leader, Thinker, and Business Strategist.

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