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Should an employee help construction employer to find his replacement?

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If your construction employer asks you to construction interview construction executives for your job, doing it well can go a long way to leaving a positive lasting impression. When talking to construction executives for your job, it’s very important that you do not discuss negative aspects of the job, co-workers, supervisors, or the construction employer. This is the time to be as positive as possible, without being insincere or stretching the truth. Talk about the positive facets of the work and the construction employer. Remember, the construction executive you are construction interviewing may get the job, and you want his or her impression of you to be that of the consummate professional. Keep thinking: It’s a small employment world.
If the construction interviewee asks you why you are leaving the construction employer, restrain from talking about how much more money you will be making, or how much better the working conditions are supposed to be at your new job. It’s best to answer such questions by focusing on the advantages your new job has for your construction career. Tell your potential replacement that you were offered an opportunity with some interesting challenges that will build on the skills that you have attained in your current position.

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