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How to talk in the office?

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Speak loud enough to be easily heard. Speaking in a whisper is non-assertive and annoying. If people ask you to speak up or to repeat yourself, this is a clue that you need help in this area. Speak soft enough to avoid shouting and screaming. If people are asking you to shh or lower your tone, that's a clue, too. When on the phone, have a mirror that you can see nearby and keep a smile on your face when you talk. Your voice also will reflect the smile. Additional distracting speaking styles we've coached people to improve include mumbling and covering their mouths with hands while talking. This tends to happen particularly when a construction executive is nervous or defensive. Keep your hands away from your mouth when speaking and don't swallow words or let your voice trail off with any thoughts. Seek the help of a trusted friend or co-construction executive who is willing to signal you when you start doing any of these bad habits.

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