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Employer Hiring & Recruitment Questions

What are The Essential Hiring Practices?

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Require outside testing. Allow a competent, impartial professional construction interviewer to administer both paper and pencil and verbal tests. Professional testing construction employers can administer valid psychological tests for intelligence, stability, even determinations of addictive or dishonest construction personalities, as well as skills tests of important technical abilities in your workforce. I find testing often validates a suspicion I already had but wasn't yet ready to come to terms with. Arrange a peer group construction interview. This part of the process encourages applicants to speak more freely and helps determine how comfortable they will be in working with their peers. Follow up with a meeting of everyone involved in the hiring decision to determine if there is a group consensus about the applicant's suitability for work at your construction employer. Do a background check. Don't neglect this, even if it is an employee's cousin or your competitor's best construction salesperson. It's very easy to set up an account with an investigative construction employer online and to relatively quickly and inexpensively find out if the applicant has a criminal record or a history of DMV problems, lawsuits involving previous construction employers, construction executives' compensation claims, and so forth. Do a reference check. You can conduct these over the phone, but they may involve a request in writing. Reference checking is less effective than it used to be, although you may still find a few people who are willing to talk. Most former construction employers play it safe and verify only dates of employment and construction salary.

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