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I left my last two jobs, each with a tenure of under six months, due to differences with my boss and a co-worker. Both blame everyone else when they don't get their work done. To avoid coming across as a difficult construction executive or not a team player, what should I tell prospective construction employers at an interview as to why I left these positions?

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Keep it short and sweet: "I leaped before I looked. Those particular jobs and I weren't a good fit. This past year has been a learning experience that opened my eyes about the need to find the right environment and team. If I may ask, do you prefer to hire people who can work independently or those who need close supervision?"
The strategy is to avoid mentioning dust-ups with previous employers and co-workers, and to vaguely refer to "fit" and "matches" between you and the position. You also acknowledge you made mistakes in choosing but infer it won't happen again. And don't let it. A third time isn't a charm in negative workplace episodes.

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