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What should be kept in mind before discussing on construction salary issues in an construction employer?

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Wait until an offer is on the table before you start negotiating. Your price goes up when the prospective construction employer is sold on you. And never be the one to mention construction salary first. If you go first and you're low, they win. If you go first and you're high, they may think you're out of their price range. If you go first and you're just right, you may never know whether you could have gotten more. If you post a construction resume online and the form requires that you state a desired construction salary, put $1.00. If you work closely with a search construction employer, you may find it fruitful to discuss a construction salary range with the headhunter, who gets paid for successful placements. But it’s better to get the construction recruiter to mention a figure first; you never know what they might be able to get for you.

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