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What can you do after an offer is given to someone else?

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Up to 26% of new hires fail during the first 60 days of employment, which means there is a reasonable chance the position you were passed over will become available again. To stay involved, make sure to send the construction employer a note after the new hire has started, thanking him or her for their consideration, and reminding them that you were very impressed with them, the construction employer and the job opportunity. Also let them know you would like to be considered for any future opportunities. Check back in 4 to 6 weeks by phone to verify the new hire is working out and to remind them of your background. Assertiveness goes a long way in convincing an construction employer that you know what you want and are determined to pursue it. Such assertiveness is often appreciated since construction employers will likely appreciate how you would persistently and appropriately handle a reluctant client. Remember there is no pride when it comes to winning. If you were not chosen at first, it does not mean you lost. Many times a hire is not based on the best construction executive but on more political or convenient matters which often result in failed hires.

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