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What is the best negotiating tip when discussing money in an interview?

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The first person who mentions money usually loses in a negotiation. If an employer asks for your salary requirements, ask them if they are offering you the job?
Let the employer know money is not your primary objective in seeking the right job opportunity, and for the right position you are open on compensation. State you believe in good pay for good performance.
If pressed, ask "What is the salary range of the position, and then state you are within (or near) that range.
Ideally you want to push off the money discussion until after you have sufficiently sold yourself and you are certain the employer wants to hire you. The idea is to get an offer on the table first.
Once the commitment of an offer has been made, you are immediately launched into the best bargaining position you can hope for in trying to improve the offer.
This is the ideal time to reevaluate the construction employer benefits, managers, peers and subordinates, construction employer politics, training, promotion opportunities, severance, salary review schedule, reporting relationship, job title and other perks that you would like to improve.

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