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Construction salary negotiations go better while working with a construction recruiter?

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Typically having a third party representing the salary negotiations is best since it avoids having the employer and jobseeker angered over details which could hurt their relationship. If one person appears unreasonable or forces the other party to accept an unfair agreement there could be resentment.

Wining a minor point in salary negotiation battles with an employer, but losing the career war could be a big mistake.

A third party like a recruiter can push for concessions or agreements and be the "bad guy" so the jobseeker does not have to be. Added by:- Hornberger Management Company
Sometimes managing the money or salary discussions are best handled one on one, but it is always a delicate discussion because there are many landmines to avoid. Pushing too hard for concessions can be dangerous. However communicating your needs to make a job move is fair play- even if they are unreasonable.

Try to avoid squeezing the other party for more concessions, and try to be fair minded so that the other party believes you want the result to be a win-win. Added by:- Frederick
I am currently working with a construction recruiter who has successfully got me to the next level with a perspective construction employer. My question is - Who negotiates construction salary? Can I negotiate on my own behalf or does the construction recruiter handle that? It depends upon a couple of things. The best way to answer this question is to simply ask the construction recruiter. If you feel comfortable negotiating, let him/her know and take it from there. If you do not and want to get the construction recruiter to do this- that is fine also. Make sure that you are clear on what it is that you are wanting so there is no miscommunication. Sometimes it is better to keep the middle man out and do it yourself.
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