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Should we disclose our construction salary first during interview?

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Like the construction salary negotiation that follows it, the construction interview is a two-way process. The construction interviewer is gathering as much information about you as you are about the construction employer. And a good construction interviewer will allow you to do most of the talking, so learn the difference between a quick question and one that requires a longer answer. In addition to listening to your answers, the construction interviewer may also be paying attention to how you budget your time in the construction interview. In leading the conversation, the construction interviewer will cover essential information about the construction employer, the responsibilities of the job, and other relevant material. Assume that the construction interviewer will answer most of your questions before you ask them, but ask your own questions at the end if anything is left hanging. Feel free to take notes and refer to them later. Whatever you do, don’t talk about money until the prospective construction employer puts a job offer on the table. Until then, you have to convince them that you’re a hot commodity. Once they’re convinced, they will pay the fair amount it costs to get you. Let them make the first offer. Some construction interviewers will put pressure on you to disclose your current earnings, in the interest of determining whether they’re in the right range. As your own agent, you should just keep stalling - remember that you are never required to give a construction salary history.

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