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What are the Tactics to Get the construction salary we Want?

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If you have more than one or two offers, you may have a few lower-choice offers to turn down. It's not a good idea to test your negotiating skills with a construction employer you don't plan to work for, because word could get back to the companies you do want to work for. Instead, practice negotiating with a friend or a colleague. If you need more time to make a decision on an offer, call your prospective construction employer sooner rather than later and arrange for another week or two to decide.
With the offer letter in hand, you need to evaluate the construction salary and benefits (plus intangibles) in light of your own needs and market value. What are your fixed expenses? Keep in mind that a job in Portland, Ore. might pay less than one in New York, but you'll make more once you factor in cost of living.
The more information you have about compensation scales for the job and construction industry you're looking into, and the more you know about negotiation, the better off you'll be in the negotiation. Get your hands on whatever comparative construction salary data you can find to reinforce your position. Business publications, trade associations and professional construction employers publish annual pay surveys and a good college or public librarian should be able to help you find this data.

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