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How Can I Quell Jitters During Construction Job Interviews?

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As with any skill, construction interviewing becomes easier with practice.
Start by thinking about the questions you'll be asked and writing
down the answers. Next, rehearse them out loud. If possible,
have a family member or friend conduct mock construction interviews with you
Anyone will be nervous if they haven't done their homework.
Focus on coming up with good answers to the questions you fear the most,
such as why you haven't worked lately and why you left your last position.
Short and simple explanations work best.
To gain more confidence, identify your strengths and the skills that you can offer construction employers.
Write down three or four of your greatest accomplishments from work or your construction personal life
and then list the skills you used to achieve them.
Consider attending meetings of a free local job-search support group, where you can talk with other job hunters who may be struggling with the same issue.
Working on your construction interview skills with a professional construction career coach also might be helpful.
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