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How can I get all potential offers on the table at the same time?

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I’m not sure you want to try and get all sorts of offers at the same time. My experience tells me that the most successful people know what they want and know how to get it. I think you need to decide what exactly you want from a job offer- the type of construction employer, type of position, compensation, location, etc., and see if any of those you are entertaining meet your goals. If not what potential opportunities come the closest? Once you make up your mind what you want, then go with the one that meets your goals best and keep after that one until you know you’ve lost it. I would suggest you start with you most favored construction employer and opportunity, and consider alternatives only as backup and leverage should your first choice not work out. I’ve seen too many job seekers lose offers because they put construction employers in a bidding situation. It makes you seem like an opportunist and if you are going for the highest bidder now, you will probably leave them once a new and higher offer comes your way.

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