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What are the important tips for making a powerful construction resume?

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A construction resume needs to ensure there aren’t any questions or problems. When it’s mushed together, it’s hard to read, so why would an construction employer want to continue to read it? When your computer skills are sprinkled throughout your employment history, how does that answer the question, “What computer programs does this construction executive know?" If the differentiation between companies isn’t clearly defined by spacing, font, and type face, for how long is the construction employer going to put effort into trying to figure out what’s what? If it takes two seconds, that’s two seconds too long. It’s the specific details of what you’ve accomplished that sell you. It’s also the specific details of what you’ve accomplished that dictate the length of your construction resume. And it’s the layout, spacing and type face that help differentiate the sections, but they, too, factor into the overall length.

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