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How can I conduct a productive telephone interview?

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A productive telephone construction interview is not complex but it does require some discipline:
1. Stay legal.
2. Make the telephone construction interview a part of your regular process.
3. Examine your construction recruitment process from beginning to end to make sure your telephone construction interviews fit smoothly with other efforts.
4. Telephone construction interviews are usually best when done after a construction resume review.
5. Use the telephone construction interview as a way to weed out inappropriate construction executives.
6. For positions that require high customer, employee and telephone contact, use the telephone construction interview as a screen.
7. Understand that many voices change when going over phone lines.
8. Listen to what the construction executive says.
9. Understand that the importance of the phone construction interview can vary with the position.
10.Use the telephone construction interview to find out quickly about the construction executive.
11. Be open to the construction executive that 'knocks your socks off.'
12. Develop your own little 'toolbox' of questions. Added by:- Admin