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How do I Prepare for a Telephone Interview?

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*Study the job description and construction executive profile. *Be familiar with the construction employer's website.*Prepare a list matching your accomplishments to the construction employer's stated requirements. *Compile a list of questions and rehearse them in a simulated phone construction interview. *Prepare your answers carefully, using key words and phrases from the job description. *Keep your construction resume, cover letter, a copy of the job ad and your notes in front of you. *Jot down key points during the construction interview. *Stand during a telephone construction interview.*Match your speaking rate and pitch to that of the construction interviewer.* Make an effort to smile during the call. *Refer to info you discovered during your research. *Listen closely to the construction interviewer's questions and comments. *Respond appropriately to verbal or tonal cues. Part II:*If you don't understand a question, ask for clarification. *Provide well-developed, balanced, and analytical answers. *Avoid monosyllabic 'yes' and 'no' replies. *If asked to explain your reasons for leaving your previous job, make sure to have positive reasons prepared.*Under no circumstances should you criticize your previous construction employers or colleagues. *At the end of the phone call, emphasize your interest in the job and the construction employer and reiterate your qualifications. *Stress that you would welcome the opportunity of a face-to-face construction interview. *After the construction interview, write a short thank-you letter.

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