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Career Networking for the Built Environment
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Career Advancement & Development Questions

What is the best way to advance your career in the construction industry?

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Most professionals meet with their employers to discuss their interest when they feel ready to advance to a new position. You should approach them after a recent accomplishment (completed assignment well) so you have leverage on your side.

You need to get a clear indication of timing on any promises the employer may make and take notes so you can follow up with specifics. If of course your employer does not offer you advancement then you may want to consider alternative employers who will.

  Added by:- Hornberger Management Company
Moving up the ranks of your current employer to build loyalty and confidence with upper management is the best way to establish a long term career advancment, however sometimes that is not possible given the current state of staffing within your firm.

One advantage to moving to another firm is typically you will get a pay raise more substantial then if you advance within your firm. You will also learn new techniques and experience dealing with new approches to conducting business in your field. 

However the failure rate is higher for job advancement when moving to new firms than when remaining with your current firm. Risk is greater but so is the reward typically. Added by:- Hornberger Management Company
Find a reputable MENTOR in the industry who can offer you career and job advice each step of the ladder you climb.

Mentors are invaluable to ones career advancement. Not only can they help you avoid the land mines and pitfalls of bad job decisions, they can offer you access to their professsional network to help you solve problems and get ahead. Added by:- Frederick