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Resume Writing & Cover Letter Questions

Are resumes necessary or can you simply submit an executive summary of profile when requested?

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Resumes should never be more than a page in length. They should be taylored to the position you are  applying to. Any information not relevant to showing the top reasons you are the right candidate for the positon should be eliminated.

The resume is only a means to getting an interview, and not a biography of your accomplishments.  Show only those few accomplishments that will resonate with the employer proving you can do the job well.

The more detail you provide the more your top reaons for being the right candidate get watered down. It's better for the employer to see clearly three or four reasons you are a good fit rather than 10 since employers tend to look at resumes to find reasons you are NOT qualifited. Don't give them that detail.

Profiles and summary pages work well also. Added by:- Hornberger Management Company