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Interviewing & Job Hunting Questions

I am jobseeking and want to know what is the best thing to remember and say about myself when interviewing for a construction job?

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The best thing to remember about an interview is your elevator speech (that three minute presentation that mentions your most important value-added messages. If you narrow down to three reasons (most important reasons) for why you are the right candidates for the job (or what three reasons makes you better than the competition for the job) and hammer those three reasons throught the interview, chances are the employer will remember them. 

Biggest mistake candiades make is to oversell themselves and water down their top three reasons so the employer is overloaded with data and fails to remember any one reason.  Best to hammer them with a few reasons that you use throughout the meeting and show those reasons in different accomplishments so they remember them.  Added by:- Hornberger Management Company