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Should I consider a career move to smaller construction company when I have a good, stable job with a large one?

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Jobseekers ask themselves all the time should I leave my firm when things are going well?

The fact is, you could go an entire career and not come across a good match and when such an opportunity crosses your path you should always look at it seriously.

What you look for in a job move is a team you know you can work with, and an environment you know you can make a hugh impact regarding the firm's success. Timing is everything when it comes to careers (study all the greats and you will find that they all reached great heights after making a move during a risky time).

Taking your skills from the big company and applying them to a smaller firm where you have greater control over your future is a common move for the ambitious. Too often with the big firms you find your key contacts may leave and you are no longer protected or recognized by them, and your value to the firm becomes based on new management assessments of your financial contribution to their bottom line and goals.

When evaluating your current job, if you have had a great run with them keep in mind it's always best to depart on a high note rather than under duress or on a down cycle. You will likely be going from one career success into a future with a brighter chance for career success. Change is always a challenge, but isn't that what growth is all about? The older you get the harder change usually is, which is why most older professionals make changes only when they are forced to, not when they should.

Trust your intuition. Trust yourself and do what you think is best. Added by:- Hornberger Management Company
The major players always seem to have the budget and capacity to pursue larger, more high profile projects that can be very rewarding to a jobseeker. But after completing these landmark projects, a jobseeker typically looks for a different type of success and accomplishment. Typically they look for a place where they can make a difference, and be challenged in more executive ways. Promotion from within a large firm is wonderful, but that is not always possible and often comes with an aspect of politics and bureaucracy that a small firm will not have.
Added by:- Hornberger Management Company
There are certainly advantages is working for a larger firm as with a smaller firm. Regarding money, often schedules and money are less intense but not always. Often employers will create incentives on the back end to attract talent from larger firms which can take the form of equity, bonuses and profit sharing.
Added by:- Tom