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Interviewing & Job Hunting Questions

If I am being scheduled for an interview and given various time slots, which should I consider taking to give me the best advantage?

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This depends upon if you are the only candidate or if you will be one of many.

Typically you want the last appointment since the last person is usually the one they remember most when evaluating a group of candidates.

However a Friday afternoon late is always a good choice since most people are in a good mood on Friday and that mood can benefit your interview. Added by:- Frederick
Employers usually grade the interview and take notes and at the end of the series of meetings with candidates they will call back finalists who made the grade.

Certainly employers have personality or chemistry favorites, and sometimes make their decision early on before later candidates interview, making them biased from the start.

However it is usually better to be later than earlier in the process for best recall benefits. Added by:- Hornberger Management Company