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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

Recently, I gave my construction employer my resignation and two weeks time. The last 4       days have been hell. I am being treated rather coldly and much like an outcast. Can I       pretend sick or ask for vacation time in lieu of my two weeks? I am not sure how much of       this I can take.

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Unfortunately, sometimes employers do tend to try and punish the leaving employee. It is a shame but it happens. The main thing that you need to focus on is your reputation. Stick it out if you can. Talk to the HR manager to see if this helps. Explain your feeling and the treatment that you have received.
If there are projects that you need to complete- finish them up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Work diligently and to the finish.
In today's job market it is common to work for several construction employers as you are molding your career. In fact, many construction employers value the variety of experience and knowledge that can only be obtained by working for several employers. This does not mean, however, that you should take resignation from your current employer lightly. The decision to resign and how it is carried out should be well planned and done in a professional manner. If handled properly, your resignation from your construction employer should bolster your reputation in the industry instead of damaging it. Maintaining good relations and contacts with the staff and management of former employers can be an invaluable asset.
Avoid projecting an attitude that you are beyond responsibility for your work because you will be leaving soon. Leave your environment and your work organized and make sure that everything is left in a state that you yourself would appreciate if you were new to the position. This last two weeks will leave the final impression on your employer and coworkers and can quickly degrade the memory of the years of hard work you put in previously.
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