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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

My position was terminated with the construction employer that I work for about 10 days ago. I am still waiting for my final paycheck. I called the construction employer but I have not gotten any response. I owe them nothing and was wondering can they do this?

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Each state has a different law and circumstances governing termination/resignation. Most states are governed by the law that says an employee must be paid by the next pay day. This does not matter if the employee was fired or resigned.
I would encourage you to call the HR Manager or Personnel Director for the construction employer if the time frame has passed. If you get no results, send a certified letter stating the law of your state and give them a deadline to comply. Most times ignorance of the law is the reason that construction employers don’t get this right. There are also additional penalties and interest that an employer must pay if they do not comply with the laws. I would urge and encourage you to check into this.

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