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What is a Residential Plumber job description?

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Responsible for monitoring, servicing, maintaining, and repairing all plumbing equipment. This includes and is not limited to kitchens, restrooms, boiler rooms, water features and plant operations.

High School graduate, with trade school degree and at least five years experience in the industrial and commercial plumbing field. Must have ability to read and interpret architectural and mechanical drawings. Able to operate a variety of snakes and understand their applications. Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions thoroughly. Must be able to plan a project including parts needed, materials needed and labor required to complete a project. Must be able to communicate with fellow Team Members and supervisors through written and oral communication. Must have the ability to perform general mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Must be willing to perform other tasks not related to the discipline hired to perform, such as event set-ups, assisting with furniture moves, and all other operational needs. Must read, write, speak and understand English. Added by:- Admin