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What is an Electrician job description?

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General Summary

This position is responsible for repairs, installations, modifications and maintenance of the electrical, data and telecommunication distribution systems.

Key Responsibilities

* Repair and install lighting and power distribution systems.
* Perform new construction and renovations of the Institute facilities.
* Provide electrical safety of employees and Institute equipment.
* Install new lab equipment and modify existing lab equipment.
* Supervise electrical contractors to insure the work is done in accordance with the National Electrical Code and in a professional manner.
* Install LAN and modify the telephone systems.
* Perform preventive maintenance of emergency generating and lighting systems.
* Estimate and cost project future electrical projects.
* Plan and purchase materials for upcoming electrical projects.
* Perform other duties as may be required by supervisor.

Position Specific

* Will observe appropriate operational, safety and study requirements by reading, understanding, and following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and study protocols when entering regulated facilities.
* Ability to perform all tasks of the craft
* Ability to estimate cost of jobs, select materials, lay out work and conduct inspections.
* Ability to interpret and work from construction drawings.

Requirements/Minimum Qualifications

* High School diploma with ten years experience with working knowledge of all phases of electrical distribution system.
* Experienced in most phases of work of the craft.
* Knowledge of use of protective equipment and safety protocol related to the possible expose to dust, chemicals, fumes, vapors, or mists that could potentially affect the health of the employee.
* Knowledge of use of protective equipment and safety protocols related to handling hazardous materials

Work Environment & Conditions

* Ability to wear appropriate PPE if necessary to enter BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratory work environments
* Ability to withstand exposure to constant or intermittent high noise levels.
* This position is required to work in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

Physical Demands

* Sitting or standing for long periods of time
* Bending and stooping
* Must be able to lift 25 to 50 lbs. on a periodic basis
* Ability to climb ladders and stairs in performing work
* Ability to lift, push, pull and/or carry objects in the arms or on the shoulders on a regular basis
* Ability to stoop or crouch by bending at the waist or legs.
* Ability to crawl in confined spaces on hands and knees to perform work.
* Ability to determine colors (no color blindness) Added by:- Admin