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What is a District Maintenance Manager job description?

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* Providing management and oversight to the shop operations and daily performance of all workers in the shop or assigned on a job order team/crew, coordinating, scheduling and prioritizing activities and assignments
* Supervising building, shipping and maintenance of equipment in the shop
* Keeping track of all assets, materials and equipment, as well as ordering necessary supplies and tools
* Conducting inspections of all equipment and work activities to ensure they are built or performed to specifications and instructions
* Providing prints and instructions on work orders for all shop personnel
* Monitoring requests or calls for tool or equipment orders to ensure the crew is provided with adequate and proper supplies
* Ensuring that the districts equipment and maintenance files are in compliance with DOT regulations


* High school diploma or equivalent
* Five to ten (5-10) years work experience in shop maintenance or equivalent function
* Supervisory experience in maintenance work or remanufacturing work preferred
* Prior experience in oil field related jobs desirable
* Basic knowledge of computer skills
* Knowledge of and skills in mechanical problem diagnosis and repair work
* Knowledge of equipment types and components
* Knowledge of all equipment safety standards and practices Added by:- Admin