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What is a Welder job description?

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* Performing diagnosis and repair on equipment and/or structure for problems in accordance with company and industry standards and safety procedures
* Performing maintenance, repair, fabricating, welding, remodeling and construction on a variety of metal products from samples and sketches
* Performing manual forging, shaping, straightening, sizing, dressing and heat treating of metal products
* Operating acetylene acting torch, welding machine, mig machine, grinders, etc. to join, surface, fabricate or repair parts of metal or other weldable materials according to specifications
* Inspecting and maintaining equipment and work area ensuring a clean, safe and hazard free work environment and equipment in proper working condition
* Keeping proper records of materials used and hours worked for billing purposes
* Maintaining and ordering adequate stock of all necessary supplies
* Inspecting completed work for conformance to established specifications
* Leading or supervising the work of other welders on assigned job orders as needed
* Performing other related duties as assigned


* High school diploma, GED or equivalent
* Previous welding experience is required; a minimum of 2 years experience is highly preferred
* Valid drivers license is preferred; CDL B is needed if driving welding truck is necessary
* Must have certification or ability to pass a welding test
* Ability to operate various kinds of welding equipment in a safe manner
* Ability to read and understand blueprints, sketches and charts
* Ability to work in a team environment and perform under all types of weather and physical conditions
* Ability to interact with others and communicate effectively, reading and understanding safety regulations
* Must have the skills and ability to repair and perform routine maintenance on welding equipment
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