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What is a carpenter job description?

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Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Smile and pleasantly attend to our guests needs.
2. Maintain a safe and clean working environment.
3. Trouble shoot repairs on all equipment and rides.
4. Receive verbal and written instructions and complete assignments efficiently with a minimum amount of follow-up.
5. General maintenance knowledge as it relates to: carpentry and building skills.
6. Account for tools and their maintenance.
7. Work with hand and power tools.

1. Minimum of 3 years of carpentry experience.

1. High school degree desired but not required.
2. Basic reading and writing skills.

1. Maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance.
2. Work with hazardous chemicals and understand the importance of safety.
3. Work in conditions that are hot, noisy and confining (possibly underwater).
4. Lift a minimum of 30 lbs.
5. Climb stairs and towers. Stand for long periods of time.
6. Must be 18 years old or older. Added by:- Admin