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How can a construction executive find work in troubled market?

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Troubled economic and market times often result in fewer business opportunities, investments and hiring.

For those construction managers and senior construction executives out of work, there is hope.

Owners are struggling to stay competitive, and looking for solutions to their challenges. Executive replacement, position upgrades and new business strategies create an atmosphere for job opportunities for those with leadership and management expertise. Approaching select employers directly can be a good option in trying to uncover such opportunities.

There are also fewer new entries (personnel) into the construction market these days, and baby boomers retiring in droves, making the pool of available talent for senior roles very limited. This small pool of available talent makes those seeking work much more desirable (based on supply and demand of talent) which improves their chances for employment.

Executives should utilize their social and professional networks for private job openings, and review current job postings on senior management job boards that publish pubic openings and cater to high level hiring.

Seeking employment should be a full time effort, requiring weekly goal setting and planning. Added by:- Admin
Job hunting should be looked at as a full time job, requiring full time hours. It is important to approach job hunting diligently with persistence. Keep in mind it only takes one good offer for your search to end. Job hunting is a numbers game, just like sales.  You are trying to get customer business (job offer) and you may have to get a hundred "No" responses before obtaining one "Yes" response. 

Don't get discouraged with the numbers. The next contact could be the one that selects you for hire, so giving up after 99 rejects would be pointless if number 100 was the winning contact.  Added by:- Frederick