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What is a Construction Manager Job Description?

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A Construction Manager is someone who directs the process of construction, either as the agent of the owner, as the agent of the contractor, or as one who, for a fee, directs and coordinates construction activity carried out under separate or multiple prime contracts. Construction Managers manage construction operations for firms that build and repair structures such as buildings, bridges, roads and dams.

They work through on-site supervisors to plan and direct construction activities. They study building plans and estimate the materials, labor, and equipment required to complete work. They establish work procedures, order supplies and materials, review progress reports, and make decisions on staff and equipment requests. They also handle technical matters and union and service contracts.

Typically construction managers have a degree in construction engineering management, or building construction that included building studies, building engineering and building technology, and covered very diverse subjects from construction design and technology to contract law and building materials.
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