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What is Construction VP of HR Job Description ?

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Job Description

Provide leadership and coordination of company Human Resource functions. Develop and implement corporate Human Resource strategy and programs.

1.Create company strategic recruitment and selection plan.
2.Coordinate company equal opportunity programs to achieve diversity goals.
3.Create company strategic training and organizational development plan to meet personal, professional, and organizational needs of company employees.
4.Oversee compensation programs to ensure regulatory compliance and competitive salary levels.
5.Oversee the design and development of compensation strategy and programs.
6.Direct the administration of benefit programs to include: health, retirement, death, disability, and unemployment.
7.Evaluate and recommend improvements to benefit programs.
8.Coordinate the administration and negotiation of union contracts.
9.Develop and coordinate grievances and mediate workplace disputes.
10.Evaluate procedures and technology solutions to improve human resources data management.
11.Recommend and maintain an organizational structure and staffing levels to accomplish company goals and objectives.
12.Evaluate company culture and provide recommendations on changes to accomplish company goals and objectives.
13.Evaluate and recommend human resource outsourcing opportunities and identify potential vendors.
14.Develop and manage annual budgets for the division and perform periodic cost and productivity analyses.
15.Recommend and establish company policies and procedures.
16.Work with department managers and corporate staff to develop five year and ten year business plans for the company.
17.Establish and implement short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
18.Serve on planning and policy-making committees.
19.Other duties as assigned.

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