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What is Construction VP of Operations Job Description ?

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Job Description

Manages the development, operations, and financial aspects of the organization's products and service.

Directs landscaping construction functions and sequences of work to obtain optimum utilization of work force and equipment and meet production/revenue projections within budget.

Directly involved in managing job cost analysis on all projects to ensure consistent profitability on all jobs, and to identify and make improvements where needed.

Exemplify leadership qualities by showing direction, support, and motivation of staff.

Responsible for the execution of the companys strategic goals in line with the companys Vision and the outlined direction and budgets of the company.
Establishes operating policies consistent with the chief executive officer's broad policies and objectives and ensures their execution.

Creates the structure and processes necessary to manage the organization's current activities and its projected growth through the design, development and implementation of Departmental policies and procedures with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Manages and assists in the smooth and efficient flow of information through the IT/ELLA and all departments.

Directly accountable for P&L, client relations, and operations management.
Directs and coordinates the establishment of budget, job costing and standardized pricing programs to meet profitability goals. Calculates labor, equipment, material, and overhead costs to determine minimum estimate or bid, which will provide for margin of profit.

Analyzes general economic, business, and financial conditions and their impact on the organization's policies and operations.

Oversees and monitors purchasing activities of raw materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies in the company through the Director of Purchasing.
Directs and coordinates estimating functions of the company to ensure accuracy, profitability, and competitive edge.
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