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Should I disclose my new construction employer when resigning?

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In my exit construction interview as well as my resignation meeting, I was being pushed and pressured to give the name of my new construction employer. I do not wish to disclose this information. What's the deal? You are under no obligation to disclose this information if you do not desire. If you want to wait, simply inform your construction employer, when you are settled in your new position, you will gladly give your contact information. Typically, asking for this information is just being nosy. Sometimes, construction employers will use this as leverage and tell you everything that it wrong with your new construction employer. Also, HR construction executive will like this information to gauge if they are loosing talent to a competitor. Basically, it is up to you and your right to keep tight lipped if you so desire. Added by:- Admin
It is probably best NOT to mention where you are going initially. There could be emotional connections with your current employer and your new employer that might ignite sparks once they learn of your defection.  Many employers consider your leaving them a defection to the other side, regardless of where you go. You lose the team the moment your resign and become an outsider or a traitor at worse.  Some employers may even share confidential info or rummors to discourage you from your new decision to leave, and some may even imply falsehoods to derail your momentum. 

It is safest to tell your employer you will be happy to discuss those details about where you are going after they have had a chance to introduce the new hire to their employees- they may even request your silence until then.  The more you say in a resignation the worse off things may get for you since you have more to explain. 

  Added by:- Hornberger Management Company