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Reference Checking & Background Check Questions

What are 5 questions to ask of work references on Construction Executives?

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Five Important Questions when Checking References on Construction Executives:

1) Did the candidate typically achieve assigned objectives?
Every employee will have some type of objectives to accomplish, whether it be building skyscrapers or generating sales. Ask how the candidate preformed withmeasurable objectives at their former company. A great follow-up question is to ask about what happened when the candidate didn't meet an objective.

2) What are the candidates areas of development?
After asking the strengths question, everybody figures you're going to ask the weakness question. Well you are...just in a different way. By asking about areasof development you have "softened" the weakness question, and you will get a much more usable answer from the person you are checking with. Nobody wants to "tell"
about someone's weaknesses but since everyone has "areas of development" you are more apt to get an honest answer.
3) What did the candidate do to turn these "developmental areas" into assets or strengths?
Just as important as determining the candidates areas of development is determining whether the candidate worked on developmental areas or just had the attitude
of "that's the way I am." The answer to this question will tell a lot about what type of person the candidate is and how well they know themselves.

4) If you only had one word to describe the candidate what would it be?Easy question, right? The answer you get will be how this person perceives the candidate on a day-to-day basis, and probably is how all other people the candidate works with and around perceive her as well. While there is no "correct" answer to this question, you are looking for the one quality you as the hiring authority require.

5) Would you rehire the candidate?
If they wouldn't hire the candidate again why should you? Frequently you will still get the answer that it is "against company policy" to rehire any former employee.
Try re-phrasing the question like this "If you were to work at another company and were in the position to hire or recommend the candidate for hire at your new company,
would you?"

The old adage "history repeats itself," is never more true than when it comes to hiring employees. Good employees at one company are typically good employees at the next. The better you are at reference checking the more likely you will hire only the good ones!
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