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Are there any etiquette tips when using email for job hunting?

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A: Email is becoming and has become the most common means of communication. Its often easier to email someone next door a brief note with a question or instruction than to pick up the phone and get caught up in a lengthy conversation. Because so many business people use email to communicate, it is the most popular means of communicating. However there are some tips to keep in mind when using email:

- Have an email address that is professional. Do not use a personal email address with silly names.
- Ask employers if its OK to send correspondence via email or if they prefer regular mail. Some people prefer regular mail.
- Make sure you check your mail frequently. A late response could be fatal.
- Respond to all emails promptly- like business calls, the sooner the better.
- Put a carefully written subject title in the subject line of an email. Not just Resume but Follow Up Note.
- Keep your correspondence brief.
- Edit your correspondence before sending- tend to be far too casual online and damage first impression.
- Remember proper business writing etiquette with name, contact info, style, etc..
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