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What are some mistakes construction executives make while negotiating salary?

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Construction executives often consider themselves experts at the negotiation game, but are surprised to learn that negotiating for their firm with suppliers or owners is very different than negotiating ones personal salary. Even the most experienced business negotiators have difficulty keeping their income negotiations from getting too personal.

Included below is a brief list of 5 fundamental mistakes that construction executives often make when negotiating their salary:

1) Failing to do homework.
Entering an interview without knowing what your income expectations are and what the fair market value of your skills is a common mistake for construction executives. In todays marketplace, assuming that a potential employer will pay a reasonable wage above your current earnings may not be realistic. Lateral pay moves, and a shift to more performance-based pay are common in todays hiring climate. Conducting research is easier than most realize. There are countless free job boards and salary survey resources online, association surveys, and compensation consultants that can give you the necessary knowledge to understand the fair market value of the position.

2) Missing the big picture.
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