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What is the best way to promote someone when the office has several good executives?

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Sometimes the best way to promote someone is to do so without allowing the other co-workers or offices in general know of the promotion (or job opportunity) until after it is done.
If the executive is coming from within, confidentiality can often avoid the stress associated with the anticipation of who is likely to be the chosen one and how it will affect their personal careers.
Many construction executives will begin perceiving themselves as appropriate for the position when they have had time to think about the advantages of the new position, their tenure and their contribution to the firm.
There is always anxiety associated with construction executives waiting and hoping that the decision will go their way can often trickle down the corporate ladder so that everyone begins positioning for promotion once they realize an opening will become available up the ladder. They know that someone will have to fill the position that is now left vacant.
Often work slows to a crawl because everyone is anxious of how the promotion will effect them personally, and sometimes people will anticipate the worst-case-scenario and begin planning their exit from the firm.
Employers need to make sure that they have discussions with construction executives about their performance and where they need growth prior to announcing the selected executive for promotion so that no one can say they were not given an opportunity. Added by:- Admin