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What to do when an construction executive is consistently late for work?

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It is always important to instruct employees what the rules and expectations are of the firm, and to document all violations so that the employee is aware of the record.
When an employee has been notified of their violation, they should be counseled on the merits of not producing additional violations, and the reasons behind the rules.
It's only fair that the rules apply to everyone and violators must be shown that they cannot be granted exceptions when the other employees are not.
Most employees have a tendency to stretch the rules to suit their own needs and wants, and it's important to let them know of the violation and the recording of it whenever the construction employer feels they have crossed the line.
Employees need to know they have violated the rules and that further violations may result in strict consequences so that they understand the rules and consequences should they choose to violate them in the future.
Proper recording of construction employer rule violations positions the construction employer favorably should the construction employer need to terminate the employee. Added by:- Admin