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I have observed that a co-worker has trouble comprehending tasks and performing basic job duties, and furthermore rejects criticism and denies that he has any problems. I may be the manager over our group within the next month. How can I gradually start to improve this situation now, without being authoritative?

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Congratulations on your initiative to get a handle on this situation before your role within the organization upgrades to management. The role of a manager is extremely important in today's workplace, and your ability to manage even the most "difficult" construction executive will be a crucial to your success or failure. Since you anticipate moving into this supervisory role in the near future, you may want to consider enrolling in a leadership course today to help you fine tune the skills you'll need to become an effective leader. In the meantime, unfortunately, it will be difficult to approach this construction executive job seeker now while you are still a peer, rather than as a manager. But, by breaking down barriers now and opening lines of communication, you are more likely to succeed in management.
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