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An construction executive forwarded to me an email joke that was sent to several of his co-workers by another. The joke was not grossly offensive but it could have been interpreted differently. The construction executive was concerned and apprehensive about receiving this email. What can I do?

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Humor to one person almost always is another's sore spot. I take it that you do not have a Technology Policy in place. This may be a great time to implement such.
In any case, I would speak to the person responsible and explain that corporate email is not for the continued forwarding of jokes or other non related work information. Remind this person that sexist comments and jokes can be considered sexual harassment and it is on paper now.
Suggest to the construction executive that he send another email to the construction executives involved indicating that the joke was sent in poor judgment. You can also follow up with an email indicating that the joke was not sent to them by the construction employer and does not reflect the construction employers policies or beliefs. Added by:- Admin