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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

As I fully expected, I was faced with the typical questions- SO why are you leaving? I have worked for my present construction employer about 7 years and am leaving for a better offer. I don't really want to tell my co-workers this nor do I want my construction employer to use this as leverage to begin negotiating a counter. What to say?

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As satisfying as it may be to unload about your manager's failings or the construction employer's problems, it is never a good idea. No construction employer has ever changed as the result of a disgruntled quitter generously informing them of their failings. Nothing is accomplished except leaving behind a bad impression about your lack of professionalism.
Remember, you are doing nothing wrong or unreasonable. You simply have been presented with an opportunity that you have decided to pursue.
As far as your co-workers, you may want to tell them that it was time for you to pursue other options and leave it at that. Sometimes, the best answers are the simplest. Added by:- Admin