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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

I recently accepted a new job with an excellent construction employer. My letter of resignation provided 10 days notice. Following my letter's acceptance, my former boss permitted me to end my employment one day early with pay (because the 10th day would have been a holiday). After day six of my final 9 days, I was told my position was officially terminated. Again I was promised pay for those final 10 days. My final check, however, did not include any of the promised "paid" days. Legally, what can I do to get what I deserve?

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Unfortunately for you, your employer did give you exactly what you deserved - absolutely nothing for the days you did not work. Legally, an employer is obligated to pay staff for actual days and hours worked, no matter what is promised as an employee is on his or her way out the door. Unless you negotiate a severance package upon your termination, or you are a contract employee under a "retainer" that specifies you will receive compensation whether work is or is not actually performed, unfortunately, financially - you have not legal recourse. Next time, it would best to get everything "promised" in writing. As you now know, only promises written are considered obligations. Added by:- Admin