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What is the best way to leave my construction employer?

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It's important to always discuss your career plans with your employer before interviewing with another firm. This helps establish your case that you gave your employer every opportunity to advance you or help you before looking outside the firm.
If you have accepted a position with another firm you should honor that and not allow yourself to be persuaded to stay with your current employer. You will burn a bridge with your new employer who has trusted your word to be sincere, it may come back to cause you problems with your future career. This is a small industry and far too small to burn bridges.
Keep the resignation positive, personal and off the subject of work. It's hard to argue with a personal matter pulling you away. Never mention anything negative about anyone, especially something that shows someone in your firm as having been problematic. That comment will eventually come back to haunt you.
Try and avoid any discussion about a counteroffer because if they ?buy? you back they will always resent your means of obtaining the raise or promotion. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who accept counteroffers eventually leave their employer anyway within 12 months. What drove them away the first time is usually what drives them away the second time. Added by:- Admin