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What to do to get around employment time gaps in my construction resume?

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How can I get around a large gap in my employment history on my construction resume? I took some time off to take care of my elderly parents but do not want this to reflect poorly in the eyes of a future construction employer. I can guarantee you that during an construction interview any history gap will be questioned. But, your goal is to make it to that first construction interview. Gaps in employment history send up red flags. construction employers wonder if the construction executive could have been imprisoned, on disability, in a psychiatric ward or worse. The best thing to do is explain. For example, if you took some time off for construction personal reasons such as to be with your elderly parents until plans could be made for their well-being- write this in your cover letter. Stress that this situation is behind you and you are eager and ready to begin again. Most construction employers will admire your honesty and readiness to move forward.

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