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What Web sites do you recommend for checking the market rate of a job prior to an interview?

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One place to start is the construction salary calculator at construction careerJournal.com.

This displays a low, average and high annual construction salary, plus the average

bonus and benefits percentages paid for a position in a specific geographic area.

The national pay range, and bonus and benefits percentages for the position are

also available, along with the annual cost of living for local renters at this income level.

The pay calculator at Indeed.com, a Stamford, Ct.-based job site, shows the average annual construction salary for a job, function or skill ("sales" or "accounting") in a geographic area and how it compares with the national average annual pay rate.

After using the Indeed tool, click on the link shown to Seattle-based compensation

construction employer PayScale Inc. (www.payscale.com) and a chart appears showing this construction employer's pay average for the same job.

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